Shook But Not Shaken
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Available on: Jul 01 2019

Discovering how our "I can" is empowered and sustained by the Great I Am.

Jul 02 2019 Champions Centre Team

You might be a little shook, but you don’t have to be shaken.

talk it out make it fun


Make sure to start off with prayer. Open up group with this icebreaker:

Have you ever been in an earthquake? Tell the group about your experience.


Open YouVersion and read: Hebrews 10:35-39

Main points from this week's message:

You might be a little shook, but you don’t have to be shaken.

Main Point: People do funny things when you’re shook

Talk-it-Out: Pastor Josh talked about his travel experiences that shook him. What was an experience that shook you, causing you to do or say something you wouldn’t normally?

Main Point: You are not of those who shrink back, “But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.”

Talk-it-Out: Maybe your family history is one of shrinking back. What part of this history ends with you? (divorce, addiction, discipline, etc.)

Main Point: 

Confidence without Endurance = Flakey

Endurance without Confidence = Complacency

Talk-it-Out: Too many people are good at starting things but not finishing them. How can you be a person that finishes what you start?

Talk-it-Out: Faithfulness is fruitfulness not longevity. How can we, as God’s people, never give up or give in to the lies of the enemy?

Main Point: Our I can is empowered by the Great I Am. Your endurance is sustained by the great I Am.

READ: Joshua 3:14-17

Talk-it-Out: Pastor Josh shared the length of the river drying up was from Tacoma to Kent (18 miles). All the people had to do was to dip their feet in the Jordan and God did the rest. What scary step do you need to take that will create a way toward you moving your life forward toward God’s best?


Encourage your group to start writing things down. Do the following exercise:

Journal about the things that tend to shake you up. What can you do to keep from being shaken by it?


This week, identify which area you are weakest in, endurance or confidence. What can you do this week to strengthen this area of weakness?

Finish group with prayer requests and praise reports.